There are some phones making trouble out there. Here are some workarounds you may want to try prior to opening a bug


DO NOT factory reset user data using TWRP, ever. Use their own stock eRecovery as they have some files sitting in the userdata partition. If you will wipe data in TWRP, the LineageOS will not be able to write to userdata (/data) partition, initial device setup will not finish ever.

If you’re having additional boot problems, some people have reported that it helps to boot the phone disconnected from USB.

P20 Lite

Quite a lot of things not working. Save yourself some headache for now. If you are willing to try it nevertheless, do not use backups. Always start as a new and fresh device.

Y6 (2018)

Known to bootloop, no GPS support yet, signal bar stays empty. A lot of bugs.



a2db bugs. Use viper4android to fix some audio glitches.


Original recovery needed for data wipe - same problem as Huawei due to some encryption stuff on the userdata partition