If you report a bug on our builds, you’ll surely be asked for a ‘logcat’, which is logs from android. Those logs contain all the stuff that happens on your phone and are the key for debugging.

Now to get those, you have two options: Either using an app or using ADB

Logcat via APP

Here are two good apps we are able to work with: aLogcat or Catlog
The very important part of those programs is, that they are able to dump their logs to a txt file, which is exactly what we need.

Screenshots are not helpful at all.

Logcat via ADB

Logcats via ADB are our preferred way of getting logcats, as they are much more useful, because you can start using it when android boots already (once the lineageos boot logo appears)

What you need is adb installed on your computer and your phone connected via USB. Open up the command prompt and type:

adb logcat -v long > logcat.txt

The -v flag and the ‘long’ argument change output to long style, which means every line of logcat will be on its own line which improves readability for us.

Please note: Logcat will run until you end the session. And it won’t always create the file until you do so. It’s possible you may not see the logfile for a minute or even longer.

In case you’re interested in better understanding logcat, feel free to rad on at https://developer.android.com/studio/command-line/logcat