Problem with dialler/ril on all aosp based ROMs for P9 lite

  • Hi,
    I am having an issue with all custom ROMs based on aosp. After turning off dual SIM in extras menu and rebooting phone, the dialler cannot make the call. As soon as the call is dialled it is disconnected on my devices saying 'call ended' but on the device that I am phoning the call is active. I have tried all the fixes described my Hassan and haky but no luck. Is there any other way to fix this?
    My device is P9 lite vns-l31c432b180.

  • @Meticulus @ToeiRei so because of volte can I not use custom roms to make calls at all? Really not a fan of Huawei stock rom and want to use RR but not much use if calls don't work.

  • Do you have some logs?

  • @toeirei I wouldn't bother... v##te... 😉

  • @toeirei even i have issues with all aosp roms ril
    Theres no service even after disabling dual sim and rebooting
    Idk what logcat to take cause unlike the guy who wrote the post the phone doesnt show an error
    It just doesn't detect the sim card
    My phone had c185 firmware when i bought it
    Half an year ago i rebranded to c432 this a problem?
    Anyways im gonna try on oreo today...hope it doesnt have ril problems on my phone 😀