Bug reports are a big deal here, as they enable us to recognize bugs and eventually fix them. Doing good reports isn’t black magic or voodo. It’s something you can easily do by following this guidelines.

Isolate the bug

This isn’t as hard as it reads here. Make sure you identify exactly what the problem is. Saying “something is broken” is not helpful at all. If you can tell exactly what’s wrong and provoke that behavior over and over again, you have successfully isolated the bug.

Check for updates

As we are moving forward in development, please make sure you are using the latest and greatest image and check if the bug still exists there.

Is the bug known?

Please have a look at the bug reports forum to see if someone reported the same issue. If it’s a known bug, you may want to give some more info and/or subscribe to that post to see if there are any updates on that case.

File each bug as its own post

If you found multiple issues with our builds, it’s better to track them separately so they can be tracked more easily

Filing the bug

If you are sure, it’s a new bug - go ahead and create a new topic in the “Bug Reports” category and give as many details as possible. The most important things here are:

  • The exact device you are using
  • How to reproduce the bug (write a howto!)
  • Gather all logfiles you can get


The title should describe the problem as best as possible. Remember that the title is read more often than any other part of the bug report.

Poor title: “The build is broken”
Good title: “Wifi issue with [Phone] using WPA2”

The post itself

First of all, we need to know what smartphone you are using. Write down vendor and model. Watch out: There are some vendors doing regional branding too. The more exact you are there, the better we can handle the bug.

Give us clear instructions on how to reproduce the bug. Some bugs may require some experimentation to find the exact steps that cause the problem you are trying to report. If you aren’t able to discover these, try obtaining some help in the telegram group.

Try to write what you expected to happen and compare it to what actually happened.

Provide logs and screenshots!