Moving away from LineageOS

Hey guys,

it’s been a while since I had to ask a big question here again. This time we have a huge problem with building LineageOS, as it’s mostly broken using our build process and moving away from the ‘Global’ attempt.

So my big question here is now: What patchset should we move to?

  • aosp90
  • carbon
  • e-0.2
  • rr
  • pixel81
  • pixel90
  • crdroid
  • mokee
  • aicp
  • aokp
  • aex
  • slim
  • havoc

just to name a few options from the top of my head hoping that their building isn’t as broken as the lineageOS one.

Aex for next

havoc for next…

Since havoc isn’t being maintained properly you could go for that