Android lessons

This is an offer exclusive to the community here as many people complain that they do not have the skills to support the community:

We’ll be teaching android related stuff to you and you are supporting the community in return. In other words, you’ll enable us to do a better work on the ROM.

Lessons will be in English only and online and streamed using Twitch.

please come back

Closed due to lack of interest in the community.

First lesson:

Fastboot and adb

those two tools are the swiss army knife on android. Learn how to deal with them on

Basic info

Teacher: @ToeiRei
Date/Time: unknown yet

What you need:

  • A PC
  • an android smartphone
  • an USB cable
  • Drivers installed for your PC - howto here
  • Android SDK, Minimal ADB or any other recent version of ADB installed, depending on your operating system.