The future of this community

I would like you to invite you to this open discussion of the future of this group as it was already pretty close for things being completely shut down if things continue like that.

Now we ask you all: Why should we continue to work?

Our reasons for being on strike is the current situation.


You want a 100% working ROM and give us just vage reports if any as most stuff is only rants in the telegram group - without details. As we do not even have most of your phones we cannot debug on it. You can either donate the phone to us so we can reproduce the problem or cooperate with us to report - even if things are getting complicated.


You want to have a 1:1 personal support for fixing your device which takes long time which we cannot use for developing your ROM. You do not care to google or read some of our documentation we wrote - why should we then care?

lack of interest?

Looking at the group being currently filled with more than 250 members at the point of writing, but just 1 real report in the forum, it’s pretty much what it looks to us, that you do not care - so why should we?


The average costs of building a ROM is power for some days. We also have to work for our income to pay our bills. Now you want us to provide hosting and all for free and no donations or ads are accepted as it distracts you. That grinds us down. We spend more that 100 € / month on that ROM.


We did our homework and wrote up a set of documentation for you to use and comment. We have not had received feedback on those. It looks like you do not care - so why should we?

I would like to open this discussion by showing our point.

The future of this community is up to you.

What can you do?


our documentation is work in progress. Feel free to contribute to improve it


it may be obvious, but we need people who do the support and keep the questions off us. The better you handle those, the more time we have for developing and fixing bugs.

You could also search for unconfirmed bugs and try to reproduce them on your mobile, providing more information for us developers to work with.

saying ‘thank you’

That’s the biggest issue so far, as people in that community have lost the capability of doing so. We mostly getting insulted instead of lifted up and motivated. That’s something which makes it even harder.

This post is deleted!