Galaxy s9 and Note 9 animation lag (Exynos)

There is animation lag while opening and switching apps. It’s not there always but like 5 out if 10 times. it feels like its dropping frames. We tried alot to fix this issue and found that it’s something related to gpu. Increasing gpu minimum frequency from 260 to 338 reduces this quite alot but it’s still there. This issue is only on android pie, oreo runs just fine.
Here are systrace and SurfaceFlinger dump

GSI used: Pixel experience pie, almost all pie based gsis by phh - gapps version.

Please upload the file dump. A screenshot is nothing we can work with.

0_1541172836802_Screenshot_20181102-185832.png )

Any idea what this could mean? Logcat is filled with these on pie gsi

I could track the problem down a bit, but it’s beyond our capabilities. It’s an Exynos specific problem introduced by Samsung.

@toeirei The only governor we have is schedutil and the only schedulers we have is cfq and noop, we tried noop as well but didn’t help.

As CFQ is known to be for spinning media, please retry with ‘deadline’ or ‘row’.

Governor should be ‘interactive’ or ‘ondemand’ if it’s possible. Retry with those settings please and see if it eases the problem.

Cpu governor used is SCHEDUTIL, we had the same on oreo as well. Scheduler is cfq

I had a short read and I’d like you to check the schedulers and the cpu governor used. You should be able to extract that with some kernel tweak app of your choice.

Any chance you can get the schedulers used on Oreo?